Get Started With CenterFuze

Please follow the instructions below to get your account setup started.

HubSpot Account Setup

Setup Guide for CenterFuze

Integrate your HubSpot with third-party systems effortlessly using CenterFuze. Harness the power of AI to refine data analysis, automate synchronization, and enhance workflow efficiency. Gain full operational insight with customizable synchronization schedules and data preferences tailored just for you.

The CenterFuze app integrates with any cloud software like using endpoints like leads and accounts with HubSpot contacts and companies, enabling users to:

  • Customized task automation
  • Intelligent workflow streamlining
  • Process optimization, curated just for you
  • data synchronization across multiple software systems
  • Leverage CenterFuze to eliminate manual data entry and let it handle the data input seamlessly for you.
  • Harness the power of AI with CenterFuze for enhanced data management and analytics in your software systems.


Here is how to install CenterFuze in HubSpot

  1. Log into HubSpot
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  3. Locate the CenterFuze card
  4. Click Install
  5. Select your HubSpot account (portal)
  6. Click Choose Account
  7. Review the requested scopes on this screen. CenterFuze requests access to read and write to contacts and companies and read and edit contact and company properties
  8. Click Connect app
  9. You will be redirected to the HubSpot “Integrations” page and new configuration options will appear. See the next section



CenterFuze support team will help configure all aspects of your syncing and automation so you don’t have to worry about any additional setup or configurations.

In your HubSpot account > Settings > Integrations > CenterFuze:

Examples of Syncing options are as follows but will be handled by the CenterFuze Support team to ensure that your systems run smoothly.

  1. Toggle “Sync direction” to either One-way (CenterFuze will only update HubSpot) or Two-way (CenterFuze will keep any app and HubSpot in sync)
  2. Map your Any App lead and account fields to HubSpot default and custom contact and company properties
  3. When ready, toggle “Sync” from “OFF” to ON
  4. Select either Sync existing records or Sync only new records
  5. Click Done



CenterFuze does all the work for you so you can do your job without any additional tasks and is fully automated on the back end.

CenterFuze automatically keeps your 3rd party software leads and accounts synced with your HubSpot contacts and companies according to your configured settings (see “Configure” section above). Syncs run at least every 5 minutes. No manual actions are required.



How to disconnect your CenterFuze app from HubSpot.

Note: If you disconnect your HubSpot account from CenterFuze, all 3rd party software platforms utilizing the service with data endpoints like lead and account data will no longer sync to HubSpot contacts and companies (and vice versa). Existing data will remain on your HubSpot records.

  1. Log into HubSpot
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  3. Locate the CenterFuze card
  4. Click Disconnect
  5. Click Yes, I am sure



To uninstall CenterFuze from your HubSpot account, follow the instructions in this HubSpot Knowledge Base article.