The Best Solution for Reseller and Vendor Partner Billing 

CenterFuze delivers a bespoke billing platform crafted specifically with resellers and vendor partners in mind. Providing seamless integration with existing billing systems, we streamline the entire process with automated transactions between distributors and wholesalers.Grow your business and maintain your partner relationships. We’ll handle the rest.

How It Works

Save time, avoid costly billing mistakes, and automate your workflows.

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  • Accurate and Efficient Invoicing
    Automatic synchronization of reseller data from distributors into their invoicing system, ensures accuracy and efficiency in billing processes​​​​.
  • Dynamic Margin Management
    Real-time updates on license margins and products, reflecting current purchasing costs and market conditions, ensures competitive pricing and profitability​​.
  • Streamlined Operations
    Reduction in manual data entry and processing time allows MSPs to focus on core business activities and partner relationship management​​​​.
  • Improved Financial Reporting
    Enhanced accuracy in financial records and reporting provides better insights for decision-making and financial planning​​​​.
  • Increased Scalability
    Easily manage an increasing volume of transactions and partner accounts without a proportional increase in administrative workload​​​​.
  • Enhanced Vendor Relationships
    Better management of vendor data leads to improved relationships with distributors, critical for MSPs’ supply chains and service offerings​​​​.
  • Customization and Flexibility
    CenterFuze’s platform is adaptable to MSPs’  specific needs, allowing for customization in data handling and integration with existing systems​​​​.
  • Payment Options
    Supports various payment gateways and types (Authorize.net, Stripe, ACH, credit card, eCheck, etc.)
  • Billing System Flexibility
    Compatible with CenterFuze‘s system or integrate with your existing one (fees may apply).
  • Efficiency in Data Entry
    Eliminate redundant data entry across multiple systems.
  • Support & Assistance
    Receive dedicated onboarding and support for smooth setup and operation.

Simple Setup

We’ve made integrating and syncing your reseller or vendor partner account easy!

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1. Create Your Account

Speak with your distributor and establish a new account.

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2. CenterFuze Account Creation

Our team will assist with the setup process – just contact us!


3. Billing System Integration

Choose between CenterFuze‘s internal system or integrate your own.


4. Customize CenterFuze

Set up margins, billing frequencies, payment methods, gateways (e.g., Authorize.net, Stripe), and specific billing requirements.


5. Initiate Client Billing

Enjoy a fully automated billing process and focus on your business.


Top-Tier Security

CenterFuze’s security teams are on-call 24/7 globally. Our engineers and product teams work together to maintain the highest security standards for all code and infrastructure.


Timely, Solution-Driven Support

CenterFuze provides world-class, 24/7 support to ensure seamless billing processes for our clients.


Dependable Up-Time

CenterFuze guarantees an up-time of over 99.9%, prioritizing your business-critical workflows.

MSP Solutions Provider CenterFuze Success Story

For one growing managed services provider, implementing CenterFuze’s SaaS platform was instrumental in optimizing their invoicing and margin management processes. The automated synchronization and AI-driven distributor data auditing significantly improved invoicing accuracy and efficiency. By dynamically managing product margins, this company was able to maintain competitive pricing and enhance profitability. The streamlined operations resulted in reduced administrative burdens, freeing up resources to focus on growth and client management. CenterFuze’s ability to scale enabled them to handle an expanding client base without a corresponding increase in workload.

Overall, CenterFuze provided a comprehensive solution that not only improved operational efficiency, but also strengthened its relationships with distributors and clients, positioning the company for further, more sustainable growth and success in the MSP market.

We’re Here to Help.


Even though we try to address the most common questions and scenarios, some things are best answered with a quick chat or phone call. Drop us a line!