CenterFuze Is The World’s Most Advanced Cloud-Based Data Management Platform.

Enterprise capabilities at prices you can afford.

Experience the most efficient way to manage your business’ data.

Why CenterFuze?


Simple Account Setup

The world’s smartest data management service makes getting started hassle-free.


Works With Any Cloud App Vendor

Yes, we mean any vendor.


Unlimited Syncing

We give you the flexibility to grow and scale at one flat monthly cost.


Granular Customer, Service and Product Matching

Our engineers craft solutions that drill down into your data for accurate data transfers and exceptional insight.


Vendor/Partner Compatibility

Gain a thorough understanding of your customers’ products, services and purchasing habits across multiple vendor systems.


3rd Party Integrations

Connect to any tool your business needs: CRM, ERP, CMS, accounting, payment tools and more.


API Access

Bring all your systems together for a complete, accurate view of your customer lifecycle and easily execute scalable communication strategies for each stage.


Products + Services

Integrate customers as well as products and services into a single, fully customizable software ecosystem based on segment, category or other defining value.

Eliminate the need for manual data entry. Get your team back to doing what they do best: Focusing on client relationships, driving leads and deals, reaching sales and business milestones, and shaping your company’s future.

Free Up Time



  • Eliminate monotonous data entry and costly data entry errors
  • Workflow + AI Automation (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service)
  • Enhance workforce productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks companywide
  • Security and compliance (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc.) your data is never stored on our systems
  • Reliability: Built-in services keep your data synchronized regardless of other vendors online status
  • Sustainable solution: Scales with your business as your data needs grow and change
  • Ease of use: No new software to learn. Use your existing software systems as usual. CenterFuze takes care of the rest.

CenterFuze Add-Ons

Supercharge your business operations with any of these value-added packages.


Accounting features to simplify bookkeeping, minimize errors and grow revenues.

  • Enhance and scale your billing system
  • Automate invoicing processes
  • Automate accounting data and journal entry synchronization with your preferred accounting software platform (QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite and more)
  • Centralized reports in real time: revenue, expenses and more


Billing processes tend to be cumbersome for clients and lack transparency for stakeholders. Not anymore.

  • Includes $75k/month of billings + 1% on additional billings
  • Bill any way you want (fixed recurring, tiered, usage and prepaid pricing models)
  • Sign-up pages
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Sales tax management
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Analytics
  • Automated collections 
  • Customizable email templates
  • Automated credit card Retries
  • Intelligent dunning
  • Native two-way general ledger integrations (QuickBooks, Xero and more)


Payment automation makes doing business with your business quick and easy.

  • Process credit cards, e-checks, ACH/wire transactions
  • Automate your payments processes
  • Process payments using services like, Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others
  • Fully PCI compliant solution


Sales + marketing automation to execute your marketing and sales strategy and speed up your sales cycle.

  • Automate sales and marketing sequences with workflow creation and optimization
  • Fill your sales pipeline with opportunities
  • Lead generation tool for CRM systems enhanced with AI chatbots
  • Integration with CRM Systems (Salesforce, NetSuite, HubSpot, Dynamics and more)
  • Integrate and engage with clients on any digital platform
  • Integrate and engage clients on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Integration with appointment setting systems (Calendly, Booking, Calendar Hero, etc.)
  • Integrates with document management solutions (PandaDoc, DocuSign, Adobe, etc.)


Your customers are online. Your products and services should be, too.

  • Integration with e-commerce systems (Shopify, Big Commerce, Dynamics Ecommerce, Magento and more)
  • Integrate customer data for CRM/Email marketing workflows
  • Integration with products and inventory (manufacturing and distribution) workflows
  • Engage clients on any online shopping platform


Your patients are online. Ensure they know about your services.

  • Seamlessly integrate your EMR/EHR systems with leading CRMs: HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, NetSuite, and more.
  • Streamline patient data for CRM/email marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate workflows for products, services, patients, and appointments.
  • Engage with clients across all online CRM platforms, always ensuring HIPAA compliance.

CenterFuze Core Services and Specs

CenterFuze helps you manage all your data, providing visibility and alignment to help grow your business. This is a sampling of everything CenterFuze can handle for your situation.

CenterFuze Core


Data Synchronization

  • Fully customized synchronization of customers, products, services and more 
  • Manual or automatic enabling and disabling syncs for customers, products or services 
  • Full sync sandbox testing 
  • We conduct fully synchronized testing in seconds to confirm all systems are accurately connected and functioning

Data Automation

  • Customer product and service data matching
  • Duplicate detection and removal

Data Auditing

Merge customer, product and service information in real-time across multiple cloud platforms (e.g., simplify billing with consolidated customer invoices)

Reports & Analytics

  • CenterFuze’s data collection provides you insightful intelligence, helping you engage your customers with an improved understanding of their overall billing, usage, supplier spending, etc.

Data Management

Enjoy the confidence that comes from a single source of truth while using preferred individual platforms

Reseller Data Management


Reseller Data Fields

  • With custom built-in fields, CenterFuze empowers you to automatically sync each customer’s product or service, quantity, description, billing cycle, taxes and more
  • Provide a more personalized customer experience and manage data more effectively across billing and payment systems

Reseller Account Segmentation

  • As a supplier, build customized reseller accounts that help you improve audience engagement through enhanced integration and ease-of-use for your resellers.

Current Distribution Partners

  • OpenText, Ingram Micro, Arrow, Pax8, TD SYNNEX and others, with more to come

3rd Party Support


Vendors Partners Compatibility

CenterFuze can be connected to any currently operating vendor systems, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of your customers’ products, services, and purchasing habits across multiple vendor systems.


API Access

Bring all your systems together for a complete view of your customers’ lifecycle, and, even more importantly, easily execute a scalable communication strategy for each stage.


3rd Party Integrations

Connect CenterFuze to any tool your business needs, including CRM and CMS tools, to drive sales and marketing growth.

CenterFuze Support


Elite-Level Dedicated Account Manager

Discovery, scoping and planning services available to all clients, as well as full operational implementation


Initial Setup

Full-service setup by our team


Ongoing Support

  • 24/7/365 US-based phone, chat and email support
  • Talk to a real person right here at home

We respect your privacy, and will never share your information with anyone.

CenterFuze Comparison: CenterFuze vs. Zapier

 There’s no comparison. We zap the competition.


No learning curve or user adoption


No customer data is stored on our platform


Total support of all cloud apps with API platform


Complete bespoke configuration to your business


Compliance with all industry regulations (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)


AI support beyond established workflows


Built and supported by US-based engineers


One monthly cost


Steep learning curve and ongoing maintenance


Stored data, procedures and processes


Slow to support new/emerging platforms


Capped workflow capacity based on existing catalog


Cannot confirm compliance with all industry standards


AI support only for building configurations


Offshore, tier-based support with limited availability


Metered pricing creates cost uncertainty month over month

Try CenterFuze for 30 days risk-free.