OpenText + CenterFuze: The ideal partnership for XM Fax reseller billing.

We offer a powerful reseller billing platform tailored specifically for OpenText partners. Seamlessly integrating with your existing billing systems, CenterFuze enables automated workflows, making billing management easier than you ever thought possible.

CenterFuze and OpenText can handle everything behind the scenes. You can focus on growing your business.

How It Works

Save time, avoid costly billing mistakes and automate your billing workflows. We handle everything so you don’t have to.

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Open text billing
  • Multi-Tenant Billing
    Streamline billing for multi-tenant SaaS offerings, suitable for any scale.
  • Multi-Tenant Capabilities
    Flexible billing options (variable/metered, monthly, quarterly, yearly) that are easy to set up and deploy – for one customer, 100 or more.
  • Automation
    Automate OpenText billing for efficiency and mistake-free processing.
  • Customizable Margins
    Tailor margins for individual or multiple clients.
  • Reporting
    Generate detailed reports on billing and automation.
  • Payment Options
    Supports various payment gateways and types (, Stripe, ACH, credit card, eCheck, etc.).
  • Support & Assistance
    Enjoy dedicated support for smooth onboarding and operation from OpenText and CenterFuze specialists.
  • Client Management
    Make client data management easier than ever, with a single source of truth and intuitive dashboards and reporting.
  • Billing System Flexibility
    Compatible with CenterFuze or integrate with your current system (fees may apply).
  • One-and-Done Data Entry
    Eliminate redundant data entry across  systems.

Simple Setup

We’ve made integrating and syncing your OpenText account easy!

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1. Set Up Your OpenText Account

Easy setup for both new and existing OpenText users.


2. CenterFuze Account Creation

Our team will assist with the setup process – just contact us!


3. Billing System Integration

Choose between CenterFuze’s internal system or integrate your own.


4. Customize CenterFuze

Set up margins, billing frequencies, payment methods, gateways  and specific billing requirements.


5. Initiate Client Billing

Enjoy a fully automated billing process and focus on your business.


Top-Tier Security

CenterFuze’s security teams are on-call 24/7. We actively monitor and promptly apply security patches from authorized third-party software libraries. Our engineers and product teams work together to maintain the highest security standards for all code and infrastructure.


Timely, Solution-Driven Support

CenterFuze provides world-class, 24/7 support to ensure seamless OpenText billing processes for our customers.


Dependable Up-Time

CenterFuze guarantees an up-time of over 99.9%, prioritizing your business-critical workflows.

PrintComm Solutions Success Story

For PrintComm Solutions, adopting CenterFuze‘s SaaS platform significantly improved their invoicing and margin management processes for managed print services and XM Fax Digital Fax resales. CenterFuze‘s seamless integration with OpenText and margin adjustment automation ensured invoices were accurate and competitively priced. This not only streamlined their billing process, but also enhanced overall operational efficiency. Accurate financial data management facilitated better decision-making and reporting, positioning PrintComm Solutions for sustainable growth in a competitive market. CenterFuze‘s scalability allowed them to adapt to increasing business demands, making it a valuable asset for their ongoing success.

“Empowering OpenText MSP partners with streamlined solutions: CenterFuze’s automation tackles pricing models, end-user quoting, billing, and seamless integration with account systems. By automating these critical internal functions, OpenText partners can accelerate their growth and channel their efforts toward revenue-generating activities.” – Phil Vera, Sr. Director, Partner Account Management, OpenText

We’re Here to Help.


Even though we try to address the most common questions and scenarios, some things are best answered with a quick chat or phone call. Drop us a line!