Introducing Payberry – Empowering Your CRM With Seamless Payment Processing

When it comes to CRM payment processing, simplicity is key.

Payberry doesn’t just bridge the gap between your CRM and payment gateways; it transforms the entire way you handle transactions. Say goodbye to clumsy processes; this is a streamlined, efficient, easy payment experience, all from within your CRM or ERP.

Say hello to Payberry.

How It Works

Payberry goes beyond just connectivity: it seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics and others.

This isn’t just about processing payments, either: it’s about creating an ecosystem where your CRM and payment workflows work in perfect harmony.

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Payberry Use Case

A large-scale professional services company had difficulty processing various methods of payments (credit card, ACH) from within their CRM, generating invoices and receipts and ensuring accurate and secure import of financial data into their accounting software and general ledger for precise sales reporting.

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Plan and Sync

CenterFuze reviewed the company’s existing tech stack and software platforms, identifying how Payberry could establish a seamless integration of their CRM with major payment gateways to  efficiently process payments and transfer appropriate data securely to respective internal platforms.

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Audit and Automate

Utilizing Payberry’s capabilities, we created a system that automatically generates invoices and receipts upon payment processing and syncs and reconciles transaction data with accounting software for accurate financial reporting​​​​.

What Payberry Brings to the Table

Payberry is ideal for organizations of all kinds, from Professional Services to Retail, even multi-location networks.


  • Integrated Payment Processing
    Ability to process payments via credit card and ACH directly within the CRM system, streamlining the payment cycle and enhancing customer experience​​​​.
  • PCI Compliance
    Ensuring the security and confidentiality of client payment data in accordance with PCI standards, vital for maintaining customer trust and regulatory compliance​​.
  • Automatic Invoice and Receipt Generation
    Immediate generation of invoices and receipts post-payment, reducing manual workload and accelerating the billing process​​.
  • Accurate Financial Data Import
    Automated import of transaction data into accounting software and general ledger, ensuring accuracy in sales reporting and financial records​​​​.
  • Compatibility With Major Systems
    CenterFuze’s compatibility with all major payment gateways, CRM systems and accounting software provides a versatile and adaptable solution for any business model​​​​.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
    Reduction in manual data handling and administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on more strategic activities and customer service​​​​.
  • Improved Financial Management
    Real-time financial insights from synchronized data, facilitating better financial planning, decision-making and sales strategy​.

Simple Setup

We’ve made integrating and syncing your Vendasta account easy!


1. Set Up Your Payment Gateway Account

Don’t have a gateway?No problem! We can help set one up for you. (, Stripe, PayPal, etc.)

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2. CenterFuze Account Creation

Our team will assist with the setup process – just contact us!


3. CRM Integration

We help integrate your payment gateway into your CRM or ERP system.


4. Customize CenterFuze

Set up margins, customer services and products, payments, gateways and specific customer requirements.


5. Initiate Automation

Enjoy a fully automated processes and focus on your business.

Fast Payment Processing, Worry-Free Data: Payberry’s Impact

The implementation of Payberry revolutionized their payment processing and financial management. The integration of payment processing within the CRM and the automatic synchronization of financial data with accounting software streamlined their entire financial cycle. This not only enhanced operational efficiency, but also ensured the accuracy and security of financial transactions and client payment data. The automatic generation of invoices and receipts further improved their billing process, contributing to an improved customer experience.

Additionally, CenterFuze’s assurance of PCI compliance provided peace of mind that all client payment data was handled securely, maintaining customer trust and compliance with financial regulations. Overall, CenterFuze gave this company a transformative, efficient and secure financial management solution in Payberry, aligning perfectly with their need for streamlined payment processing and accurate financial reporting in a fast-paced business climate.

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