Simplify Data Migration and Maximize Efficiency

Struggling to transfer your complex data into a .csv file? No need to stress over it anymore. With our expert service, we will handle the entire data migration process for you. Our proven 4-step approach ensures a seamless transition of your data into any CRM system you use, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics, NetSuite, and more. Focus on your core business while we take care of your data migration needs. Experience hassle-free data migration with us today.


Struggling with choosing the right CRM for your company? Get the CRM demo of your choice and use CenterFuze to test it out with your data without losing time and have any obligations to move to the new CRM before knowing if its right for you or not.


Audit your current CRM system and data

Discover the power of your CRM system and maximize its efficiency with CenterFuze. Our expert team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your current CRM systems and data. We’ll identify the data that needs to be migrated and recommend any necessary clean up. With our in-depth knowledge of source and destination CRM environments, we’ll ensure a smooth transition and seamless integration. Trust CenterFuze to optimize your CRM system and supercharge your business growth.

Design import strategy or blueprint

We will design the approach to migrate your data into any CRM including – map your data to your new CRM process, determine the technical approach for migrating, define the timing plus we include a 30-day data sync period as part of the migration.

Perform test migration

Before we sync all your data, we will perform a test so we can validate, in your CRM sandbox, that we have everything complete and correct.

Perform full migration

Once we are ready, we will execute the migration and you will be ready to use your data in your new CRM system all while maintaining syncing across both source and destination CRM systems!

Standard or Custom Migration?

Standard CRM Migration with 30-day 2-way Sync services:


Custom CRM Migration:

Need something custom? We can develop a tailored solution based on your needs. We also have a strong network of partners that will be able to help you.

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